Experience and Custom Solutions

Focusing on people does pay off. No one understands this better than the team of knowledgeable, trusted advisors at Tevis HR. Dedicated to excellence and unparalleled customer service, we provide. expert counsel, innovative tools and services that allow our clients to gain a superior competitive market advantage. Experienced working with employer groups of all sizes and across all business sectors, Tevis HR provides customized people solutions that reduce overall labor costs, increase legal and regulatory compliance, improve workforce morale and profitability. With Tevis HR, you are relieved of the tedious administration associated with human resource processes, affording you more time to focus on expanding your business. We believe that there are four stages to the success of HR development in a company. Click here to view, Human Resources - The Four Stages.

We Specialize In:

  • Labor compliance
  • Employee recruitment, retention and rewards
  • Compensation and pay for performance
  • Employee records compliance, retention and storage
  • Workforce planning and development
  • Building employee and cultural competency as a market advantage
  • Employee investigations, interventions and coaching
  • Meeting, conference, trade show planning, facilitation and management

Explanation of Exposure and Risks
Research shows that legal and regulatory compliance is one of the biggest challenges faced by business owners. Failure to stay current on changes on a host of issues ranging from 1099ís, employee leaves, breaks, meals, drug testing, hiring or terminations among others can result in catastrophic consequences for you and your business. It is critically important that companies do all they can to shield themselves from risks and exposures. Tevis HR can help. Our job is to make certain that the policies, procedures and practices in place minimize your risks. We work with you and your employees so that everyone understands areas of exposure and provide training and systems that support workforce compliance. Should issues arise, Tevis HR is there where and when you need us providing you proactive solutions.